Hildegard of Bingen:
Passionate Love for God and the World

Light has always been a symbol for God, an image that was used to express the unspeakable mystery and to answer the question about the reason for and purpose of our existence.

„God is light“ says the evangelist John, and wherever God reveals Himself throughout history, an exceptionally bright light appears.

Light does not only brighten the darkness and enable true vision, it also gives and sustains life, it provides us with warmth and a home. Thus, light is the very symbol of God-recognition, the epitome of life and love.

Encountering the Light

The life of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) was also marked by light in all shades and colours until the time of her death, when, according to legend, a radiant light is said to have appeared in the heavens. But even more so, light was the starting point, the igniting spark, and the life-giving fire of […]


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