Dear visitor,

You have come to visit our Abbey and I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you. We are indeed pleased to receive every guest, did St Benedict not particularly ask us to „welcome all guests as Christ“.

Some of you will have found your way here by following the footsteps of our patron saint, St Hildegard. Others may be intrigued, what the life of a Benedictine community of 48 nuns – the youngest being 33 and the oldest 94 – might be like today. Or else you might be looking for answers to fundamental questions concerning your life or faith or would just like to enjoy a few days of quietness and reflection. For all of you we would like to be open and receptive – always bearing in mind, though, that our own possibilities and resources are also limited. We invite you to pray with us and participate in the Divine Office.
We invite you to approach us in conversation, to get to know the work we do in our arts and crafts studios and to visit our Abbey shop. But most of all we invite you to rest and to become aware of the spirit of this place. In this way we may perhaps experience together a little of the infinite comfort of the Holy Spirit and take it with us into our everyday lives.
This is what I ask in prayer for you and for us all.

With my heartfelt wishes,
Sr Dorothea Flandera, Abbess




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